Achieve personal and professional wellbeing

Deeper Fulfillment is Within Reach

Led by credentialed professionals, Live in Balance combines focus therapy and professional coaching to help you and those important to you, achieve greater fulfillment while sustaining balance in both your personal and professional lives.  We facilitate evidence-based personalized practices that result in greater clarity, purpose, productivity, asense of well-being, more effective relationships and teamwork.

Our hypothesis : a healthy, well balanced leader or professional in an organization, family or community co-creates healthy environments that support happy and loyal people which results in strong and successful outcomes. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that the difference in what we do, and provide to our clients, is the combination of coaching and focus therapy. We provide direct training and learning support, and the coaching needed to embed and practice new beliefs and behaviors in everyday life. 

We are a great partner when you are seeking the skills, tools and support to:

  • Enhance your personal well-being, body mind and spirit
  • Create a healthier personal or workplace environment
  • Create highly engaged teams
  • Mitigate stress, illness, distracted behaviors and delayed fulfillment


This is exactly what we provide through one-on-one, group and/or organizational coaching and training. 


Our Client Experience

About Live in Balance

“When we master the mindset and practices that enable both personal and professional goals, we are empowered and equipped to live in balance.”
– Live in Balance Founder

Live In Balance improves the functionality, efficiency, and success of your team by helping these high-performing individuals reestablish harmony across their professional and personal lives. Our associates work closely with your team to identify challenges and areas where control has been lost, and together we develop action- and habit-based plans and/or programs to get everyone back on track.

Today, as careers grow and evolve, so do the pressures and stresses that come along with the job and achieving life goals. Your team likely has goals that take an immense amount of time, as well as mental and emotional focus. All of which can take a toll on their physical state. The result is that their work days, at times, may be filled with anxiety and suffering, which can affect their clarity, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

Live in Balance can help you transform your workplace to address these challenges faced by individuals or the entire team, and to prepare for the future of your company.

Meet the Founders

Suzanne Paone and Anne Papinchak, founders of Live in Balance, are credentialed professionals who have real-life experience in direct senior leadership and workplace transformation. Additionally, they have done their own work to build resilience, with years of experience applying the methods and tools that are now part of the Live in Balance program.

Under their guidance, the Live in Balance team is made of up licensed medical professionals, focus therapists, and other health and wellness professionals. For each action plan developed, we curate a specialized team to help execute against the plan for success.

Suzanne Paone

Chief Product Officer and Therapist

Anne Papinchak

CEO and Executive Coach


Attorney: The breath work helped me to calm anger.         Senior Consultant: This regular practice helps me handle ups & downs.

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Suzanne Paone

Chief Product Officer and Therapist

[email protected]
P: 888.910.1930
M: 724.219.9458

Suzanne is a Founding partner of Live in Balance, LLC who has over 30 years of progressive health industry experience including training in the innovative, complimentary health discipline of yoga therapy. With a passion for improving quality of life for high performing professionals, she developed the client centered practice of Focus Therapy. In alignment with client goals, she collaborates with licensed medical experts to develop customized practices that promote nervous system balance and reduce the harmful effects of chronic stress. Live in Balance affords Suzanne the opportunity to support the health and wellbeing of current and emerging leaders as they become their best selves in business and communities.

Her professional experience encompasses industrial health, clinical laboratory medicine, information technology leadership, and businesses development in digital healthcare, complimentary medicine, and higher education. Suzanne’s academic preparation includes a doctorate in health administration, an MBA, and current certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator with the American Health Information Management Association. She is certified with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour instructor and qualified as a third year pre-certified professional with (IAYT) the International Association of Yoga Therapy.

Community and education are important to Suzanne. She serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of an integrated healthcare delivery system in Western PA.  Suzanne also maintains active teaching appointments at Carlow University and the University of Pittsburgh. Her research accomplishments involve peer reviewed works in consumer health, health informatics, and leadership development for the health industry.

Anne Papinchak

CEO and Executive Coach

[email protected]
P: 888.910.1930
M: 412.445.5423

As a co-founde of Live in Balance, Anne is excited to offer an innovative solution to address today’s workplace challenges. Anne is passionate about working with people to harness the power within for the purpose of having a greater positive impact. She has served as an executive leader, internal strategic change agent, and an organizational performance consultant. Working with clients as an independent executive coach and business consultant, her real-life experience and training has led her to co-create an alternative to the status quo – a unique offering that combines coaching and focus therapy.

After 25 plus years of “in the trenches” consulting across multiple industries (healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, financial, education, chemical) and various sized organizations, Anne recognizes that it’s not only the person, but the team and overall work environment that determines success. She partners with her clients to create great cultures by creating great leaders and great work. She is a serving leader and thinking partner with strong emotional intelligence and business acumen, with a proven track record for delivering results through others. She brings a unique large systems perspective having served as an examiner and trainer for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Performance Excellence (both national and state), serving for multiple years assessing and providing feedback to improve organizational performance across multiple organizations and industries.

As a strategic change leader, Anne has learned to influence without direct authority. In addition to her master’s degree, and executive management training, she is a credentialed professional coach.  Also, Anne brings a depth of spiritual practices, having completed a two-year program in spiritual leadership and serves as a Spiritual Director.  Anne loves the immediate results realized when there is shared intention on stretch goals, assessing strengths, identifying key opportunities for development, and creating a reasonable – life and business – relevant action plan. Working with Anne, her clients realize their power to name their purpose, create what matters most, and bring forth the courage to grow and experience new results in business and life.